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How to apply for membership?

To become a member free of charge, what you need to do is just a few steps below,
Step 1. Learn more about membership of INSCIAT by visiting the link, and decide which kind of member is suitable for you.

Step 2. Click menu or button on the top of INSCIAT website, you will open INSCIAT Online System.

Fig.1 INSCIAT Online System

Step 3. If you already have an account, you can input your Username and Password to sign in. If not, you need to click the link Sign up to register a new account, then sign in. Fig.2 is the interface of INSCIAT Online System while signing in.

Fig.2 INSCIAT Online System Interface

Step 4. You can display and set up some information (Account settings, Interest Areas, CV/Resume and Social Contacts) about yourself after signing in the system.

Step 5. Click menu and choose Member Category and Society, then submit. Societies are professional knowledge groups classified by area of interest. Every member belongs to one of the 38 INSCIAT societies. More information about societies can be found at

Fig.3 Member Application Interface

Step 6. Our staffs will evaluate your member application and inform you of the result. If your application is accepted, you will find your member number in your email and on the page.

Fig.4 Important Member Information

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